Opportunities for Collaborators

The LDD collaborates with the academic institutions, pharmaceutical, personal care, and cosmetic industries, as well as government agencies that have an interest in the research and development of topical, transdermal and cosmetic formulations as well as buccal delivery devices, drug delivery carriers and skin delivery devices such as microneedles, iontophoretic patches, etc.

We invite scientists and clinicians with funded research programs that have potential synergy with the topics of the LDD to contact us about potential collaborations.

Professional Development Opportunities are available also through the Center for Dermal Research CDR.

Opportunities for Postdocs

Postdoctoral associates at the Michniak LDD are part of a well-equipped research environment that provides outstanding opportunities for training in academic and industrial careers. LDD members belong to a dynamic interdisciplinary research group that includes pharmacy, chemistry, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering and food / nutritional science. To apply, submit a single Microsoft Word document that contains your full resume (contact information, date and place of birth, current citizenship and visa status in the USA (if applicable), educational background, prior positions and research experience, a one-page statement of current research interests, and names of three references.

Opportunities for Graduate Students

Motivated graduate students with an interest in skin and buccal drug delivery research and the application of biomaterials for clinical applications are being sought for entry into the PhD program in Pharmacy, Biomedical Engineering, or Molecular Biosciences at Rutgers University. Suitable undergraduate backgrounds include pharmacy, biomedical engineering, materials science, chemical engineering, chemistry, and biological sciences. General information on the Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering or Molecular Bioscience graduate programs at Rutgers can be found by clicking on each hyperlink.

Once an application for admission to graduate studies has been filed with any of the above programs, interested students are encouraged to contact Professor Michniak-Kohn to discuss the research opportunities available in the LDD group.

Submit inquiries and applications by clicking here.