Facilities and Instrumentation

The Laboratory for Drug Delivery is equipped with:

  • Two Agilent 1100 HPLCs with diode array and ChemStation software, autosamplers, UV/vis and fluorescent detectors
  • Ten water jacketed Franz diffusion cell module
  • Leica® Cryotome instrument (Leica® CM1850, Nussloch, Germany)/li>
  • Mettler Toledo pH meter with In Lab® micro and surface pH electrodes for skin surface pH studies
  • Light and stereomicroscopes
  • Vankel VK 7010 Dissolution Test Station with VK 8000 Sampling Station
  • Buchler vortex evaporator
  • Mettler electronic balances
  • 8 foot chemical fume hood
  • Revco chest freezers & Forma Scientific upright freezer, dishwashers and refrigerators
  • Shared Biology Suite (Room 207, 720 sq.ft.) with four Biosafety II hoods is located adjacent to the LDD
  • Double CO2 incubator, centrifuge apparatus
  • Deionized water, vacuum, and compressed air facility

The CDR has access to:

  • (Leica TCS S2 AOBS), TEM, SEM, skin and other tissue imaging (Raman confocal, etc.)
  • NMRs, AFM-atomic force microscopy, LC-MS-liquid chromatography mass spectrometry and FTIR analytical techniques
  • UV-Vis Spectroscopy
  • GPC-gel permeation chromatography
  • DSC-differential scanning calorimetry
  • Mechanical tester with environmental chamber, quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring
  • TGA-thermogravimetric analyzer, DMA-dynamic mechanical analyzer
  • Polymer synthesis and characterization facility
  • In-vivo studies facility
  • Rheological and histological facilities
  • Conference and event facilities in the Life Sciences building