Welcome to the Michniak Laboratory for Drug Delivery

An immense amount of research has been performed over the past two decades leading to the development of novel topical formulations as well as transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDS). However, we still face many challenges since the skin resists the passage of many larger molecular weight drugs due to its highly developed biological barriers. On one hand, for topicals and cosmeceuticals we would like to be able to control and target the delivery of many actives to skin layers and prevent their fast transport into the systemic circulation, on the other for TDDS, we need enhanced fast transport across all skin layers.

The Michniak Laboratory for Drug Delivery focuses on examining mechanisms of skin transport and improving topical and transdermal formulation approaches. We are also developing new tissue engineered skin substitutes for permeability testing. As an alternative to the dermal route, we also examine buccal delivery that allows faster systemic absorption of many compounds into the body. The group is multidisciplinary and involves researchers from pharmaceutics / pharmacy, biomedical / tissue engineering, biological sciences, synthetic / polymer chemistry and chemical / mechanical engineering.

I invite you to explore the website and find out more about the research, our capabilities, our members, and opportunities for students, post doctoral fellows and collaborators.

Enjoy your visit,

Bozena ”Bo” Michniak-Kohn, Ph.D.
Director for the Center for Dermal Research and Laboratory for Drug Delivery, NJCBM
Professor of Pharmaceutics, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy